About us

The mission of The Women of the South Association is to protect and promote human rights and freedom, sustainable development at local, national and international level by the means of intercultural dialogue, peace and security, activating the cultural potentials as well as engagements in the sphere of cultural politics. However, increased participation of women in all segments of modern social life and greater exploitation of their potentials as a resource for enhancing local communities at all levels will be in major focus. 

The vision of Women of the South Association is creating a multicultural, safe and modern society with a freedom of exchanging thoughts and ideas where each individual enjoys equal rights and freedoms guaranteed by the national and international documents.

The objectives of this organization are changing both the approaches and awareness about social problems and redefine the modern society system values with the final goal of empowering the women participation in sustainable development, cultural and safe policy, modern artistic creation and multicultural and multi-ethnic society.

Women of the South are the part of Women in black Serbia network, and Women of the South were directly involved in implementation of Resolution 1325 in Serbia.